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GENCAD(Generation for Change & Development) is a British registered charity (charity number 1136899) founded in 2006. GENCAD is also registered as an International Non-governmental Organisation (INGO) in Kenya (Reg. No. OP218/051/2010/0398/6608).

Operating in Northern Kenya, we manage a broad range of socio-economic development projects, particularly in Mandera County.  Our goal is to support pastoralists’ communities in the region overcome extreme poverty. We work in partnership with locally-based community organisations, leaders and institutions. We strive to empower the most vulnerable and needy members of the communities to become agents of their development.

Our main area of focus are;  supporting orphans and vulnerable children access primary and secondary education,  skills and entrepreneurship training for youth and empowering Women and Girls through education and access to financial capital for their business.

Our staff, trustees and majority of our volunteers are people from the region and therefore very familiar with the needs and priorities of the communities with serve. Our relationship with the beneficiary communities is central to our success. We take this relationship seriously by designing and implementing projects with and not for the local communities.

Impact of our work

Bridge Educational Gaps for Orphan girls.

Successful examination results at Elwak Girls Primary School after two years of intervention. All candidates who sat the national exam in 2015 have passed and joined secondary school.The performance of the school was much better than 2014 academic year. The school's mean score increased by 5.2% and 22.2% of the pupils scored above 300 marks. Seven orphans girls  were awarded scholarships by GENCAD.


Improving Science Education.

Our partnership with LabAid Trust has seen four more secondary schools receive essential laboratory equipment.  At Mandera Secondary School, one of the school's  which have received laboratory equipment in the past, the number of students studying Biology, Physics and Chemistry has gone up by 60%, 420% and 102% respectively. Students exam performance in the three subjects has also increased by 27%,  98% and 46%.




Keroy’s Story

April 21, 2016

Keroy was born in 1947. She lives in Qorobo Shanan village in Elwak Town. Her husband, Ibreen Ali passed away in 1990 in a tragic accident. Ibreen digs shallow... Read more


Secondary Scholarship

February 20, 2016

When given the chance, girls from nomadic communities are keen to seek education. That is exactly what we are doing at Elwak Girls Primary School. In partnership with... Read more

Empowering women through micro-credit scheme

October 25, 2015

We are happy to launch a new project to address income poverty faced by many women in Mandera County. Many women are unaware of existing government funds or... Read more

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