GENCAD INTERNATIONAL is registered as a charity and a company limited by guarantee in the UK and as an International NGO in Kenya. GENCAD’s principal directors and staff are or have been residents of Northern Kenya, giving the organization a level of expertise and in-depth local experience that is uncommon in regional or international NGO’s.

Our values are;

  • Caring Attitude – GENCAD demonstrates compassionate attitude by supporting orphans and vulnerable children and adults to access education and other opportunities that will enable them to achieve their full potential.
  • Building capacity – GENCAD  will build the capacities of poverty stricken communities in Northern Kenya so that they can overcome political and economic marginalization perpetuated by political leaders inside and outside the region.
  • Advocacy – GENCAD will take every opportunity to challenge the status quo which exploits the community’s economic vulnerability and lack of opportunities to perpetuate tribal rivalry which at times result in
  • Respectfulness – GENCAD will strive had to ensure poor communities in northern Kenya are given the opportunity to play an instrumental role in addressing their underdevelopment.
  • Partnerships – GENCAD will work with relevant partners and beneficiaries in a collaborative and respectful manner to address the beneficiaries needs and aspirations.
  • Integrity and Accountability – GENCAD will always be fair to all and strive to adopt best practices such as transparency and accountability, fairness and equality of opportunity.
  • Value for money– GENCAD will ensure that its projects or activities it undertakes to satisfy value for money agenda.
  • Financial Sustainability– GENCAD believes its work as an advocate and service provider will be needed for many years to come. We will strive to deliver on our mission by ensuring that our choices are thoughtful and strategic and that we have enough financial resources to carry out our work.

In line with our stated values and aspirations, our strategic aims can be summarised as below;

  1. Relieve financial hardship, preserve and protect the health of communities in Northern Kenya.
  2. Advance education in communities in Northern Kenya.
  3. Political and economic empowerment of communities in Northern Kenya.
  4. To advance girl child education in northern Kenya.
  5. Develop a strong network of diaspora communities from the Horn of Africa in the UK.

Our Vision

GENCAD’s vision is to be an exemplary organisation that contributes to the socio-economic development of pastoralist communities in the Horn of Africa. Read More

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