Keroy’s Story

Keroy’s Story


Keroy lives in Qorobo Shanan Village in Elwak Town.  She lost her husband and two of her sons in a tragic accident. Her husband died while cleaning disused water well when accumulated methane gas in the well caught fire. One of her sons died in a road accident while another died in unexplained circumstances.

Late 2014, Keroy’s third son, Ahmed, a casual worker in Elwak Town collapsed in town and was brought home by well-wishers on a wheelbarrow. Keroy and her young sons managed to take Ahmed to the nearest health facility, Elwak Health Centre for medical help. After staying at the health centre with her son for a while , she was advised to take him home since the health centre lacked the most basic of medicines and skilled personnel. Keroy didn’t have the means to take him to the nearest referral hospital, 165km away let alone to a specialised hospital in Nairobi or other major towns in Kenya due to lack of money. Keroy continued to do her best for her beloved son. Poor shelter meant Ahmed was exposed to heat and rains.

April this year (2016) GENCAD launched an appeal for Ahmed and his family. The response was very positive. The funds raised through during #HelpMamaKeroy provided the necessary relief for the family. Ahmed now has a shelter, he was been taken to hospital in Nairobi and can now walk again.